Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting focused, again

I have started underway with The Body Eclectic and so far so good; I figure posting on Sundays will be giving me a week to put together a doc and pictures. Looking forward to the one for next week, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth *grins*

I am beginning to enjoy the pursuit of happiness, rather than the give thanks when I happen to step in it. For too long I've ignored myself and my inner needs because,well I can't afford to stop what I'm doing and find that life is too temporary for me to hold on or establish anything long-term. Funny, as a kid and pushing through my teens all I wanted was a happily-ever-after; I miss her and her Gunne Sax daydreams.

Right now I am enjoying barbecue from earlier today and smiling at the single dollar I found on my way to the bus; if there is a ritual that I can use this to give me better money mojo I would be glad to hear it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Land of Odd getting a reuse

A recent moment of epiphany has inspired me to refit the Land of Odd for any and all projects and inquiries I meander onto.These days I am doing a lot more reusing of resources I have on hand to make things I would end up buying and never using.

After rediscovering Your Money Or Your Life ( ), I am pretty confident that I can keep track of my progress in a manner that will be sustaining through either matter of habit or input from others. Because of this last part, I will take this outside and share on Facebook so,with luck, I can get outside information I might not otherwise find readily.

Primarily, this will be my in-progress "report" on stuff I find neat and want to share, including cool fabric uses customers at my job hip me to.