Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's here!

My much needed textbook has arrived,now to bone up before June so I can pass and get my diploma!!!

Ninja Knickers!

Oh,the fun of resizing a pattern when it no longer fits *sigh*In addition I lost the other pieces to the bloomers,but figured it couldn't be too bad to adapt. I have a ways to go yet,but I got the finished profuct,just waiting for the swelling in my injured knee ( from a bike fall last week) to go away.
Thankfully I got these together so I can wear them under skirts,pant legs are too constricting at the moment and I have still a ton of cottons to go through. They make riding my bicycle more pleasant,no question,and the comments on the street are pretty neat :)

Greendeva project: pineapple plants

I have always had a green thumb,in many houses I've lived in I kept up near rainforest levels of greenery. Before one of my younger sisters got married,the older of the three brought back a pineapple from her place in Hawai'i and I wondered how well it would do. Surprisingly,not to shabby-I wish I had the picture of the actual fruit coming out of the crown,but here it is in it's infancy:
Here are the current crop,hope one makes it to fruit stage:
The idea that a pineapple could even put out a walnut-sized offspring in Portland,OR was an itch I had to scratch. The first one I had soaking in water until roots were long enough to pot outside.This time I have the ability to create a fairly "tropical" environment,considering this IS PDX we are talking about. Here goes.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Feeling spring

Still getting frosty,but my plans for planting are under way with grow lights in the dining room. I really want to have better success with the garden this year with a bigger yield from the trees and U-Picks where Mike is.

Starting on a big adventure this year with the acquisition of my learner's permit;with Bunny to help me learn a stick shift,I hope to be on my way to a motorcycle endorsement before too long-after that,watch out roads :D I am amazed I got as far as I did in the bowling alley parking lot and not smoking out the clutch *yay me*

Monday, February 4, 2013

How I spent the Sunday of Superbowl;dressed as Edgar Allen Poe and cheering for the Ravens.

Although not a football fan, I do love to get behind anything related to my favorite authors; recently I was informed that the NFL team in Baltimore came up with the name after a story by Mr.Poe. Thank you to the webmaster for reprinting:

The Raven

[First published in 1845]
horizontal spaceOnce upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore -
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore -
Nameless here for evermore.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
`'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door -
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; -
This it is, and nothing more,'

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
`Sir,' said I, `or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping,
And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
That I scarce was sure I heard you' - here I opened wide the door; -
Darkness there, and nothing more.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;
But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token,
And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, `Lenore!'
This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, `Lenore!'
Merely this and nothing more.

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before.
`Surely,' said I, `surely that is something at my window lattice;
Let me see then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore -
Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore; -
'Tis the wind and nothing more!'

Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter,
In there stepped a stately raven of the saintly days of yore.
Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he;
But, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door -
Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door -
Perched, and sat, and nothing more.

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
`Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,' I said, `art sure no craven.
Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore -
Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!'
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

Much I marvelled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly,
Though its answer little meaning - little relevancy bore;
For we cannot help agreeing that no living human being
Ever yet was blessed with seeing bird above his chamber door -
Bird or beast above the sculptured bust above his chamber door,
With such name as `Nevermore.'

But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only,
That one word, as if his soul in that one word he did outpour.
Nothing further then he uttered - not a feather then he fluttered -
Till I scarcely more than muttered `Other friends have flown before -
On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before.'
Then the bird said, `Nevermore.'

Startled at the stillness broken by reply so aptly spoken,
`Doubtless,' said I, `what it utters is its only stock and store,
Caught from some unhappy master whom unmerciful disaster
Followed fast and followed faster till his songs one burden bore -
Till the dirges of his hope that melancholy burden bore
Of "Never-nevermore."'

But the raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling,
Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat in front of bird and bust and door;
Then, upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking
Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore -
What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore
Meant in croaking `Nevermore.'

This I sat engaged in guessing, but no syllable expressing
To the fowl whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom's core;
This and more I sat divining, with my head at ease reclining
On the cushion's velvet lining that the lamp-light gloated o'er,
But whose velvet violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o'er,
She shall press, ah, nevermore!

Then, methought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer
Swung by Seraphim whose foot-falls tinkled on the tufted floor.
`Wretch,' I cried, `thy God hath lent thee - by these angels he has sent thee
Respite - respite and nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore!
Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe, and forget this lost Lenore!'
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

`Prophet!' said I, `thing of evil! - prophet still, if bird or devil! -
Whether tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore,
Desolate yet all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted -
On this home by horror haunted - tell me truly, I implore -
Is there - is there balm in Gilead? - tell me - tell me, I implore!'
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

`Prophet!' said I, `thing of evil! - prophet still, if bird or devil!
By that Heaven that bends above us - by that God we both adore -
Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn,
It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels named Lenore -
Clasp a rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels named Lenore?'
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

`Be that word our sign of parting, bird or fiend!' I shrieked upstarting -
`Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore!
Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken!
Leave my loneliness unbroken! - quit the bust above my door!
Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!'
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming,
And the lamp-light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted - nevermore!


Thank you Shawna for the hair,Tam for the bag of makeup,and thank YOU Baltimore,for not letting a 1/2 hour game suspension finish you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Beginnings for 2012

This has been a hard few months,since the new year I have had to deal with a hurried move as well as health issues as a result from the packing and "excavating" involved. Where I live now is a far-sight better than any place I've lived at over the years,but while the rent is cheaper the cost to move here was substantial.Here is what happened as I saw it: In January, a letter to "Occupant" was sent to me and Katy my roomie. 

The name was not familiar to us but we contacted landlord about this; did not hear back. Aside from the name and content being a bit unsettling, the discrepancy between address on letter and the cancellation on the envelope had us thinking fraud.The next letter arrived to "Occupant" in February:

Following that was a letter from the property management co.and,honestly, I still wouldn't take this thing seriously and still think fraud:
Finally,hear from landlord and had him put in writing what he told us,that property owner was his mother Marion and that this was not her doing but manipulations by sister. While this was going on Katy opened up an account with me as joint-signee for us to put out rent in while all this was going on with Frank's blessing. I had also established contact with the property management co.basically to not dodge them but at the same time figure out if they were legit or not.When we did not send the rent in, I was given a notice of termination-as I had contacted them and not Katy she was left off the notice ( she was moving to Nebraska anyway). A few more letters showed up,interesting was the attorney letter:

This is pretty choice,as noticed by the dates,there is a period of time where the attorney should have known about the property management co. So,why is he telling me to send money to an address where the owner is still sending mail from California??? This information made already waving red flags flap furiously.Even contacting the attorney about this didn't help,when he did reply he corrected his information that yes,Marion did retain these people. By this time my notice was 1/2 way through and I had until May 9 through the 12th to be out. The new rental agreement that had to be filled out made getting a roomie out of the question,too many stipulation "fees" and etc. to make living here attractive.Soooo...looks like I am joining Katy in leaving here. In my case,I had no place to go and too much to bring with.

I had been amazed by how much stuff that had been left behind by other tenants; the landlord did not do yearly inspections and I believe cared even less about the standards. "I'll fix it when you move out" had been a regular answer, and as it turned out most people apparently never told him when things went wrong. In other words, a lot of stuff there was falling apart for years and allowed to "go fallow" allowing mold and rodentia to infest.It also means I will be either getting rid or pitching a lot of stuff before I go.

Between yard sale and allowing scavengers in addition to extenuating circumstances that I will elaborate on I am 85% to 90% lighter in stuff.Dear god,what have I done I sometimes think,but in the final analysis that was the only course that made sense;even if I did have a place to stay there would be the issue of all that stuff.As things turned out,I ended up getting a text from a very good friend who opened up her basement to me.The location to buses and the affordability were additional perks to a great setup,so I immediately agreed.

So,the extenuating circumstances were that I felt the need to be out before Katy so I upped my date from May 9th to April 25th. Busting my ass to pack,put on sale and not make myself any sicker from exposure to pollutants in the house in addition to continuing frustration with what was happening around me motivated me further into "leaving it all behind" and leave before Katy's departure date.Bedding and other cloth items needed replacement and I needed a blanket my last night and since bed was already out of the house I needed comforting,too, as I was on the verge of falling apart. I saw this at work and knew my salvation:
This was made by a dear coworker and I had to have it with me my final night and first night in new digs. I have other items by her on my shelves to inspire my creativity should it flag.It also provided much needed "arms" when I did eventually crack.Thankfully my meltdown lasted briefly,and I had other strong arms to hold me when I wasn't in my new location; when I think about the people I can count on in my life it makes the stuff I left behind less significant.

I am still going through totes and boxes,shaking my head a bit at what came with instead of what could've been instead. I am living in a much better place with a cool people, a cemetery a few blocks away and a couple of chickens in the back yard. Feeling truly lucky,I am :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Projects, past and present

Things have been a bit hectic here,between landlord legal issues with family members and the usual health ups-and-downs;I have managed to do some pretty fun stuff and have more on the horizon before I start the gardening map ( going to use buckets this year on the driveway,more sun and heat there for tomatoes). I had thought to show the process pictures,but that can be saved for another time-I'm just thrilled that I have been knocking through my fabric stash and decluttering the sewing room in bits and pieces.

These are flags created for an investiture ceremony for The Order of the Green Cross ( )  I look forward to seeing how the banners are used in future photos.

This is the beginnings of a waistcoat from Bridal dept. fabric in a gold tone I usually do not wear. I like the reverse side,but will eventually line the inside with a moire-textured black and have the sleeves in a georgette or similar drapey black, full enough to puff and gather.I am trying to be more brave in color choices,so I hope to have a picture of me in this soon.

I have been wanting a Janome for some time,there will be a time when the current machine, a New Home Memorycraft, will cease to work because of the old-fashioned fuses. This will be staying upstairs and hooked into a better outlet, I'm taking no chances with this one ;)

I was at an event last night for the Frank Reade Book Tour ( I have a "passport" with two punches on it,next Wednesday is the last one and I hope to be able to get to it even though I am scheduled to work until fairly late--prizes are involved,and not only are they cool people they have fun stuff!

Off to work,tomorrow I will be getting an opportunity to take a dip in a flotation tank and from there full speed ahead *laughs* It is good to make a habit of making every day memorable,I forget sometimes to do this but I am glad for the chances to do so. Looking forward,Alanna