Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's here!

My much needed textbook has arrived,now to bone up before June so I can pass and get my diploma!!!

Ninja Knickers!

Oh,the fun of resizing a pattern when it no longer fits *sigh*In addition I lost the other pieces to the bloomers,but figured it couldn't be too bad to adapt. I have a ways to go yet,but I got the finished profuct,just waiting for the swelling in my injured knee ( from a bike fall last week) to go away.
Thankfully I got these together so I can wear them under skirts,pant legs are too constricting at the moment and I have still a ton of cottons to go through. They make riding my bicycle more pleasant,no question,and the comments on the street are pretty neat :)

Greendeva project: pineapple plants

I have always had a green thumb,in many houses I've lived in I kept up near rainforest levels of greenery. Before one of my younger sisters got married,the older of the three brought back a pineapple from her place in Hawai'i and I wondered how well it would do. Surprisingly,not to shabby-I wish I had the picture of the actual fruit coming out of the crown,but here it is in it's infancy:
Here are the current crop,hope one makes it to fruit stage:
The idea that a pineapple could even put out a walnut-sized offspring in Portland,OR was an itch I had to scratch. The first one I had soaking in water until roots were long enough to pot outside.This time I have the ability to create a fairly "tropical" environment,considering this IS PDX we are talking about. Here goes.