Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When I least expect it, change

Lately, I have been doing a ginormous clearout of stuff left behind and my own assessment of what is crap or not; I was slightly shocked at how I can now trash things I thought were precious artifacts,including pictures of past crushes that I kept around as ideals of what I wanted to look for.Apparently, my capacity for "fuck it" got large recently, and I've been unceremoniously cramming as much as I can into the bags to be ready for tomorrow's pickup. I have a distinct feeling I won't be missing anything I pitched, but it's still weird to me how my values changed without my realizing that they had. Starting tomorrow, I return to the land of Orange kitty loving for a month and I can use the downtime while I'm there to figure out where I am going next especially regarding fabrication and building structures.