Thursday, February 25, 2010

Max Raabe Palast Orchester 2/24/2010

For a number of years, I've been a man of this man and his music after seeing Werner Herzog's Invincible. Here's one of my favorites: The events leading up to this night were hectic; although the tickets were cheap I technically couldn't afford to go, the outfit I was going to wear got a foot through the hem, forgot to arrange early release from the right dept. at work ( lucked out it was so slow). Thankfully, through the saving-grace hands of Paulina from Falling Ginko, I had a new outfit that was going to hold up and a delicious kimono vest to cover up all the fakery involved in keeping me looking well heeled. She took pictures of the outfit, I am looking forward to seeing how they turned out.

The show started at 7:30, and had I not opened up my envelope to get the ticket nearby I would've been late (this would be what calendars are for,I guess :) )The skirt I put together is made up of long strips of polyester/rayon velvet, mystery content as I gutted a Goodwill find to get the material. Some dresses of the 20s and 30s were close-in by the feet, making long-stride walking impossible. Now imagine walking to a MAX station in this position, going up and down stairs to and from, and then seeing MAX RAABE leaving his hotel to the concert hall...another dress was going to get sacrificed so I can speed up. I am glad when I finally caught up to him the lights were still red at the crosswalks; wow what a tall elegant man he is up close!! I think I understand what women must have felt when they met a matinee idol. I acted my age, more or less, told him how much I looked forward to the show and that I had been a fan since the film ( he chuckled at that, probably Werner's name is not pronounced Verner--don't know. Germans can make humor sound sek-xy).A pleasant and gracious man, he wished me a good evening and continued to the back of the building, and I felt that feeling like when I get a sugar crash and threw in adolescence for good measure.

A number of people were also dressed up, some speaking German, and all looking elegant and well behaved; near as I can tell everyone put their cameras away for his show unlike during Cheech and Chong where flashes were going off like crazy. It is hard to describe the show, it felt like a humorous cabaret that was out of Portland, and it has been years since I've seen or felt anything like it. I would like to find the right words to describe this night, but as this is being written before work I hope to be able to get settled down and rethink the whole evening. All I can say for certain, is that nights like this one delivered on the romantic and elegant surroundings I've always wanted to be surrounded in. It provided me with my grown-up fairytale evening that renfaires and masquerades could not. I am truly in bliss, and I want to revisit this moment for my inspiration and sanctuary for when I get enough of the mundane world. It will definitely inspire my German practicing :)

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