Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I subscribe to blogs but rarely write, so much happens that is fluid-like that the thoughts and emotions go away like volatiles from snow roses. When I am better organized, I hope to have an easier way to post rather than try to reassemble after the fact.Suffice to say, this year is off to a good start: the countdown towards a smaller household ends on the 19th,a trip to Seattle for the Steampunk Exhibition Ball and a run through the EMP,and with luck a trip to Toronto in May. In the meantime, a bunch of creating is keeping me in inspiration and going for better. Below is a fine example:

This was to initially be a collar for a dress, but the more I played with it the more things revealed as possibilities. A coworker pointed out that it would make a great fishtail trim on a skirt, an off-to-the-side cocktail hat, a beautiful rosette for a vase, and all from a gorgeous piece of feather trim I was given by my hero/ role model from work. This woman has helped me see my capability in making beautiful things, more than I could ever believe myself doing--maybe it is because I find the process of value I can't appreciate my final results ( that will change. By the time of the Ball, I will have more to post`and share.

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