Thursday, February 16, 2012

Projects, past and present

Things have been a bit hectic here,between landlord legal issues with family members and the usual health ups-and-downs;I have managed to do some pretty fun stuff and have more on the horizon before I start the gardening map ( going to use buckets this year on the driveway,more sun and heat there for tomatoes). I had thought to show the process pictures,but that can be saved for another time-I'm just thrilled that I have been knocking through my fabric stash and decluttering the sewing room in bits and pieces.

These are flags created for an investiture ceremony for The Order of the Green Cross ( )  I look forward to seeing how the banners are used in future photos.

This is the beginnings of a waistcoat from Bridal dept. fabric in a gold tone I usually do not wear. I like the reverse side,but will eventually line the inside with a moire-textured black and have the sleeves in a georgette or similar drapey black, full enough to puff and gather.I am trying to be more brave in color choices,so I hope to have a picture of me in this soon.

I have been wanting a Janome for some time,there will be a time when the current machine, a New Home Memorycraft, will cease to work because of the old-fashioned fuses. This will be staying upstairs and hooked into a better outlet, I'm taking no chances with this one ;)

I was at an event last night for the Frank Reade Book Tour ( I have a "passport" with two punches on it,next Wednesday is the last one and I hope to be able to get to it even though I am scheduled to work until fairly late--prizes are involved,and not only are they cool people they have fun stuff!

Off to work,tomorrow I will be getting an opportunity to take a dip in a flotation tank and from there full speed ahead *laughs* It is good to make a habit of making every day memorable,I forget sometimes to do this but I am glad for the chances to do so. Looking forward,Alanna


  1. I lost your blog. I am so happy to find you again. I have so much to talk to you about. Please email me @ You look beautiful. So much news to share since I left Oregon.

  2. I have a new Janome and it is wonderful. It even cuts the thread. We should talk.

  3. <3 glad to see you on here again *hugs* About to publish,looking forward to hearing from you again!!!!!