Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Beginnings for 2012

This has been a hard few months,since the new year I have had to deal with a hurried move as well as health issues as a result from the packing and "excavating" involved. Where I live now is a far-sight better than any place I've lived at over the years,but while the rent is cheaper the cost to move here was substantial.Here is what happened as I saw it: In January, a letter to "Occupant" was sent to me and Katy my roomie. 

The name was not familiar to us but we contacted landlord about this; did not hear back. Aside from the name and content being a bit unsettling, the discrepancy between address on letter and the cancellation on the envelope had us thinking fraud.The next letter arrived to "Occupant" in February:

Following that was a letter from the property management co.and,honestly, I still wouldn't take this thing seriously and still think fraud:
Finally,hear from landlord and had him put in writing what he told us,that property owner was his mother Marion and that this was not her doing but manipulations by sister. While this was going on Katy opened up an account with me as joint-signee for us to put out rent in while all this was going on with Frank's blessing. I had also established contact with the property management co.basically to not dodge them but at the same time figure out if they were legit or not.When we did not send the rent in, I was given a notice of termination-as I had contacted them and not Katy she was left off the notice ( she was moving to Nebraska anyway). A few more letters showed up,interesting was the attorney letter:

This is pretty choice,as noticed by the dates,there is a period of time where the attorney should have known about the property management co. So,why is he telling me to send money to an address where the owner is still sending mail from California??? This information made already waving red flags flap furiously.Even contacting the attorney about this didn't help,when he did reply he corrected his information that yes,Marion did retain these people. By this time my notice was 1/2 way through and I had until May 9 through the 12th to be out. The new rental agreement that had to be filled out made getting a roomie out of the question,too many stipulation "fees" and etc. to make living here attractive.Soooo...looks like I am joining Katy in leaving here. In my case,I had no place to go and too much to bring with.

I had been amazed by how much stuff that had been left behind by other tenants; the landlord did not do yearly inspections and I believe cared even less about the standards. "I'll fix it when you move out" had been a regular answer, and as it turned out most people apparently never told him when things went wrong. In other words, a lot of stuff there was falling apart for years and allowed to "go fallow" allowing mold and rodentia to infest.It also means I will be either getting rid or pitching a lot of stuff before I go.

Between yard sale and allowing scavengers in addition to extenuating circumstances that I will elaborate on I am 85% to 90% lighter in stuff.Dear god,what have I done I sometimes think,but in the final analysis that was the only course that made sense;even if I did have a place to stay there would be the issue of all that stuff.As things turned out,I ended up getting a text from a very good friend who opened up her basement to me.The location to buses and the affordability were additional perks to a great setup,so I immediately agreed.

So,the extenuating circumstances were that I felt the need to be out before Katy so I upped my date from May 9th to April 25th. Busting my ass to pack,put on sale and not make myself any sicker from exposure to pollutants in the house in addition to continuing frustration with what was happening around me motivated me further into "leaving it all behind" and leave before Katy's departure date.Bedding and other cloth items needed replacement and I needed a blanket my last night and since bed was already out of the house I needed comforting,too, as I was on the verge of falling apart. I saw this at work and knew my salvation:
This was made by a dear coworker and I had to have it with me my final night and first night in new digs. I have other items by her on my shelves to inspire my creativity should it flag.It also provided much needed "arms" when I did eventually crack.Thankfully my meltdown lasted briefly,and I had other strong arms to hold me when I wasn't in my new location; when I think about the people I can count on in my life it makes the stuff I left behind less significant.

I am still going through totes and boxes,shaking my head a bit at what came with instead of what could've been instead. I am living in a much better place with a cool people, a cemetery a few blocks away and a couple of chickens in the back yard. Feeling truly lucky,I am :)

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